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Period stains on underwear are a frustrating sight, especially on prized light-coloured undies! This frustration can be compounded by bloodstains on clothes and on bedsheets too. 

What if you could say goodbye to twisted pads, overflowing leaks on underwear, and stains everywhere else? What if periods could be made easier just by switching to a new type of underwear? This is exactly what period panties are designed for.

Everything you need to know about this innovative solution can be found right here. We’re breaking down what period panties are, the benefits of using them, and what you should look for when purchasing them.

Let’s get started! 

Black pair of pad holding underwear


What Are Period Panties? 

Period panties, also known as period underwear, encompass undergarments that are intended to be worn during a person’s period. Though these products are made to look just like regular underwear from the outside, they are designed to effectively absorb menstrual blood. 

Period underwear has extra layers across the crotch area all the way to the back. Typically, these panties also have a moisture barrier to prevent leaks.  

These innovative undergarments are made to be reused. Similar to other reusable period products, there are various options to choose from. Most period panties in the market can absorb up to 6 ml of fluid (or the capacity of two tampons). However, some period underwear is designed differently and has the capacity to hold much more. There are also various materials to choose from. We’ll discuss more about what to look for in period panties in a later section of this article.  

The Benefits of Period Panties 

It’s Innovative 

Though there are different kinds of period underwear out there, the basic concept alone is ingenious. For years, people on their periods have struggled with these issues:

Period panties get rid of all of the above-mentioned problems. What makes this solution even more innovative is how versatile it is.  

Some rely solely on their trusted period panties for managing their menstruation. Some may use it as a 2nd line of defence for a menstrual cup

People who have heavy flows may even use it along with highly absorbent reusable pads. This is an option that’s easily done using illum’s leakproof period underwear. This product has a provision for securing pads (reusable or disposable) in place, on top of the built-in light absorbent layer itself. 

It’s Sustainable 

Period panties made from materials like sustainably grown organic cotton or bamboo aren’t only luxuriously comfortablethey’re also helpful to Mother Earth. Moreover, opting for reusable products instead of disposable ones can keep tons of trash from ending up in landfills or in the ocean. 

It’s Affordable 

Reusable period products that last for years, such as those designed by illum, will help you save some money in the long run. It may feel like a small amount during the first couple of months, but think of how much the savings will be after a year, or two, or three? Before you know it, you’ve saved over a thousand dollars just by opting for reusable period products! You’re saving money and the planet.

A pile of pads and a menstrual cup

What Should I Look For in Period Panties? 

1. Breathable Materials for the Underwear Itself 

Just because period products are designed to absorb, doesn’t mean they have to be clunky and uncomfortable. For example,illum’s leakproof period underwear is predominantly made of bamboo and cotton which makes the underwear breathable, soft, and comfortable. 

2. Absorbent Materials for the Protected Zone

What we mean by protected zone, when it comes to period underwear, is the area where menstrual blood goes. This spans from the front of the crotch all the way to the back, along the buttocks. 

This zone should be made of layers of absorbent but comfortable materials, such as bamboo and cotto. You may also opt for a leakproof gusset made of 100% polyester to give you more protection. 

3. A Mechanism for Holding Pads in Place 

People with heavier flows may shy away from period underwear because they feel the absorbent area may not be enough to protect them. To address this need,illum designed period panties that have a provision for fitting pads (reusable or disposable) securely. This way, people with heavier flows can choose to have an added layer to protect them from leaks.  

Another bonus of fitting pads intoillum’s leakproof underwear is that the pad’s wings are not exposed underneath. This means thatillum’s leakproof underwear, even with a pad in place, looks just like regular boyshorts but far more sleek and breathable!

Wear it at home. Wear it under a skirt. No one, but you, will know that there’s a pad there.

4. A Secure but Comfortable Fit

Period underwear needs to strike a balance. You want something secure but not too tight. Anything too loose will put you at risk of leaks. Anything too tight will just irritate your skin or at the very least, make you uncomfortable. 

This is why illum’s leakproof period underwear is designed as boyshorts. This means the absorbent area stays where it needs to be and will keep blood from trickling elsewhere. And whatever your body type is, the fit is comfortable thanks to an addition of5% spandex. 

For people who want a more loose fit, becauseillum’s leakproof underwear is designed as secure boyshorts, you can just opt for a bigger size and these babies would still do their job!  

Leak Proof Undies Designed for Maximum Protection and Comfort 

Ready to change the way you experience periods? Then illum’s period panties have got your back! Nothing says self-care more than the breathable and comfortable softness of these leakproof undies. 

As we’ve mentioned earlier, you can have reusable pads easily snapped onto the patent-pending tunnel design on the underwear’s gusset. So whether you’re doing advanced yoga, sitting on a train for 5 hours, or sleeping on white sheets with a heavy flow, you are always protected from leaks.Period

Check out our store for more innovative period products!

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