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"INFO: The team previously at hannahpad Canada launched their own new brand, illum! These blog posts have been written when we used to run hannahpad Canada. All information is still relevant and everything is the same! We simply changed the brand that we offer. :slightly_smiling_face: "


Hannahpads were created in response to the issues that disposable menstrual products pose including health risks and pollution. But you may be wondering how long hannahpads actually last. While it does take slightly more effort to maintain your washable pad, not to mention dedication, it does help counter the rising mountains of trash around the globe. And with proper care, hannahpads can last you years, making them a worthy investment to make.

Keep reading to find out the average lifespan of a hannahpad and how you can make it last even longer.

Why You Should Switch to Washable Pads

Before there were disposable sanitary pads, there were special cloths and customized pads that were washed and reused again. Modern washable pads like hannahpads were manufactured with the same intentions in mind; they’re washed like clothes and dried to be used again. Amazing, right!?

Hannahpads were first introduced in 2005 in Korea, with our goal to provide women with the best of comfort while on their period. Made from 100% organic cotton and other organic materials, hannahpad products are quite breathable and designed to feel good on your skin. We swore off conventional cotton cultivation which uses 9 kinds of pesticides, 5 of which can potentially cause cancer. Your health is top of mind when it comes to hannahpad.

Aside from it’s environmentally responsible, it’s also quitegwiyeowo(that means cute in Korean)! With various patterns you can choose from—from snazzy cat designs to posh floral designs—you can express your personality through your pads.


Additionally, no matter what activity you do, your illum cloth pad is designed to not leak. They are expected to hold much more menstrual blood than disposable pads. Unlike the adhesive the disposable sanitary pads have, illum cloth pads have secured plastic clips that hang onto your underwear no matter how much you move about your day. 

The Average Life Expectancy of Reusable Pads 

Typically illum cloth pads are expected to last for 2 to 3 years, but some women are able to continue using their pads for more than 4 years and they’re still in good condition! There are special probiotic laundry soaps that will get rid of any bacteria that are collected in cloth pads to ensure they are cleaned for the next use. Using this kind of soap keeps your sanitary pad, well, sanitary. It is comprised of good probiotics, so no need to worry about the chemicals found in traditional soap!

However, in the case that your illum cloth pads do break or you have to stop using them, they take a substantially shorter time to degrade than disposable menstruation products. The special waterproof coating, that was approved and recommended by the Greenpeace, only takes 3 to 5 years to properly decompose, unlike the typical PUL layer in synthetic disposable ones that can take hundreds of years.

How to Prolong Your illum Cloth Pad’s Life 

Like all things, proper care will make a difference in how long your illum cloth pad will last. There are special steps in washing them that you can follow that makes them last longer. Here are the steps in making your illum cloth pad last by cleaning it properly:

  1. Rinse your pad in cold water as soon as you can to avoid discharge stains.
  2. Lather your washable pad with illum’s special probiotic (EM) soap.
  3. Soak in a bucket filled with cold water with a mix of laundry detergent for a minimum of 6 hours—the longest time being 48 hours—with water changes in between.
  4. Machine wash the pad or hand wash it and you can spin-dry it to cut down drying time. However, don’t machine dry as it harms the material used in the pad!
  5. Make sure it gets a lot of sunlight to dry properly as this process will help kill bacteria as well.


Why You Should Choose illum Cloth Pads 

Honestly, why not go for it? 

Our washable pad brand comes in different colours as well as different sizes so that there’s something for everyone! There’s a total of eight varieties; pantyliner, thong liner, longliner, regular, large, overnight, and overnight plus. All are designed to hold as much menstrual blood as possible in order to avoid leaks. They come in sets as well since most women don't bleed the same way—some have lighter flows and some have heavier flows. Our sets can help ensure you have enough support to get you through your entire period.

Additionally, when you choose illum cloth pad, you’re also getting accessories for cleaning and storing your used pads while you’re at home or on the go. They are specifically designed to separate clean ones from the dirty ones.

Check out illum’s wide selection of washable pads that will last you years!

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April 21, 2020

Can I use TruEarth laundry strips to wash the pads in the washer? The TruEarth laundry strips seem to be a lot healthier way to do laundry (they don’t seem to have any of the chemicals that other detergents have) and they are a way more eco friendly than buying other detergents in those giant plastic jugs that are polluting the planet. I’ve been really enjoying the TruEarth laundry strips which are delivered in the mail to your home, it’s really been a convenient way to get laundry done so I hope these would work well for the Hannah pads.


April 19, 2020

Does the Probiotic soap expires over time when not used? Looking to stock up some supplies to save up from shipping fees.


February 07, 2020

Hi I use your products and really like them. Have you ever considered making cloth facial rounds, unpaper towels and reusable wipes? Looks like those would be big sellers. Flannel unpaper towels seem to only be available in the US and are insanely expensive. If you sold them for a reasonable price i bet these items would sell well.

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