April 29, 2021 2 min read


Eisa here from illum. :)

I wanted to start a live blog post where I can update everyone on our monthly donations to Mamas for Mamas and keep track of all the positive & wonderful impact we are having to the communities around us! And of course, thank you every month for allowing us to do so!

If you don't know about it yet, illum is committed to helping out mamas in our community by partnering up with Mamas for Mamas and providing cloth pads to those in need of a hand up. Of course using cloth pads may not be the ideal situation for everyone and we fully understand that. The wonderful mamas behind the whole Mamas for Mamas network figures out each and every mama's needs and tailors aid to what is best for their situation. And there are many times cloth pads will become handy! 

We will run special Buy 1 & Give 1 Donation Campaigns throughout the year, and for any other days, we will donate 1 pad for EVERY order we receive. Fairly simple, right? 

Now onto monthly updates below! Be prepared to be amazed every month!


April 2021

April was a pretty crazy month for us here at illum with the relaunch of the new brand. Closing down the shop, getting ready for the new brand, and going through the whole rebranding was so much work! But, thankfully, we made it through and we were able to donate...

OVER $9,000 worth of cloth pads to Mamas for Mamas! 

Now, that's a lot of cloth pads, don't you think? :) We are so happy we were able to achieve this thanks to all of your love & support. We hope to continue on this momentum for the months ahead! 


May 2021

After a hectic launch month, May has had its ups and downs. But with the early Mother's Day Campaign, and with the continued support for all of you, we reached our goal and are able to donate...

OVER $13,000 worth of cloth pads to Mamas for Mamas! 

We are grateful for all your love & support every month and we can't wait to see what is ahead for the future of illum x Mamas for Mamas!


June & July 2021

It's been a wild rollercoaster for us the past 2 months with the launch of 2 new products! So sorry for the late update! Thanks to all of you who placed an order with us, we were able to donate...

$7,000 worth of cloth pads to Mamas for Mamas! 

Every little order counts and we are grateful that we are able to take these little steps in helping out the community around us. Thank you for supporting our cause every step of the way!



Want to participate in this wonderful cause? Shop with us and you're part of the team! 

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