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Not all feminine wash products are made equally. 

There are feminine wash products out there that can cause skin irritation and can even disrupt the pH level of the female genital area – this is a huge cause for concern because having the right balance is important to keep harmful bacteria at bay. Furthermore, some feminine wash products have ingredients that are linked to allergic reactions and even cancer. 

Illum, a new brand created by former hannahpad Canada team, is a company dedicated to providing natural, premium, and healthy options for vulvo-vaginal care. As a company that’s passionate about women’s health and self-care, we’ve put together this article to help you make an informed decision about:

  1. Whether or not using intimate wash is worth it and,
  2. What to look for when selecting the perfect feminine wash

Let’s get started!

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Why Use Feminine Wash When the Vagina is a Self-Cleaning Organ?

Feminine Wash Cleanses the Vulva, Not the Vagina Itself 

One common misconception when it comes to feminine wash or intimate wash is that it is a product used directly in the vagina.

In fact, feminine wash is NOT directly used for the vagina. It is mainly used for the vulva. 

The difference between the two parts is that the vagina consists of the muscular canal inside the body; meanwhile, the vulva consists of the inner and outer labia, the clitoris, the clitoral hood, the pubic mound, and the urethra – all of which are external body parts. 

To be more accurate, feminine wash is a product for vulvo-vaginal care. This is because the right feminine wash is able to effectively clean the vulva and therefore contribute to the overall health of the vagina as well.

Vaginal Douching is NOT Advisable 

It is important to also establish that feminine wash is NOT the same as using a vaginal douche.Vaginal douching is washing the vagina directly using water or a solution – this is strongly discouraged. 

The vagina is a self-cleaning part of the body – it cleans itself with the use of natural secretions. It is also able to regulate its own pH to discourage the growth of bad bacteria. This is why vaginal douching is discouraged because it can interfere with the vagina’s natural pH levels and also introduces pathogens into the area. Vaginal douching is therefore linked to various infections and even sexually transmitted diseases. 

Peaches representing healthy vaginas

The Benefits of Using Feminine Wash for Vulvo-Vaginal Health 

By using the right feminine wash for vulvo-vaginal care, you will reap these incredible benefits:

1. Decreased Chances of Bacterial and Fungal Infections for Both the Vulva and the Vagina 

Though the vagina may be a self-cleaning organ, the vulva isn’t. The vulva is typically exposed to sweat, sebum, and menstrual blood. The vulva may also become more vulnerable to infections after sustaining tiny wounds after shaving. Because the vagina and vulva are close to each other, if the vulva gets infected, the infection can spread to the vagina as well.    

2. Less Irritation 

Experience a soothing feeling with every wash! Some intimate wash products soothe and hydrate the sensitive skin on the vulva with added ingredients like coconut oil and gotu kola herb.  

3. Less Odours 

Cleanse your intimate parts from trapped sebum, sweat, traces of urine, and menstrual blood to eliminate any unpleasant odours. After a healthy cleanse, you will feel cleaner, fresher, and more confident.  

4. Cleanliness without pH Disruption 

Many women use regular body soap to wash their intimate parts. The problem is that vaginal pH (which is around 3.8 to 4.5 on the pH scale) is far from the pH of soap (which is around 9 to 10 on the pH scale).

Therefore, regular soap can cause an imbalance with the pH levels of the vaginal area. Specially designed feminine wash is made to match the acidity of the vaginal area so that it supports the natural pH level while still being able to cleanse harmful pathogens. 

Who Can Use Intimate Wash? 

Those Who Are 12 and Up 

Feminine wash like illum’s Vsoap is gentle enough to be used even by young girls (around the age of 12) who already experience menstruation. 

Those with Sensitive Skin 

Feminine wash can be beneficial to people with sensitive skin if the product is mild enough and is made with soothing ingredients. These ingredients can help calm sensitive skin irritations that are common during periods, hot or humid weather, or in the event of contact dermatitis. 

Those Who Are Pregnant 

Due to the surge of hormones during pregnancy, pregnant women are typically more susceptible to vaginal infection. This is why regular cleansing of intimate parts is encouraged with the use of a mild, natural feminine wash. 

Specially Designed for Periods 

Hormonal changes during menstruation make the female genital area more prone to infections. To keep such infections at bay, it is helpful to maintain good vulvo-vaginal hygiene with the use of the right feminine wash. 

Specially Designed for Menopause 

After menopause, the pH of the vaginal area increases. This reduces the vagina’s protection against microorganisms. By cleansing the vulva area with a mild, moisturizing feminine wash, chances of infection can be greatly minimized.  

Those With Diabetes 

People with diabetes are more prone to yeast infections. The cause of this is the presence of extra sugar in the body (and mucosal secretions) which allows yeast to cling to and colonize the area. Therefore, if you have diabetes, it is encouraged that you select a cleansing, natural feminine wash.

A woman showering

What to Look For When Choosing Feminine Wash 

1. Go for Foam! 

Foam feminine wash products are relatively new and come with various benefits. First, these do not rely on harsh chemicals to create a lather. Each pump of foam that you get from the dispenser is sterile or free of contaminants. Also, using foam feminine wash products are more convenient because you do not need to create the lather; simply pump, use, then rinse. 

2. Go for Naturally Beneficial Ingredients 

The right kind of feminine wash will not only help cleanse intimate areas but also make use of natural ingredients to help nourish/hydrate the skin, calm inflammation, soothe irritation, improve circulation, and fight harmful bacteria. A few natural ingredients to keep an eye out for include:

3. Avoid Harmful Fragrances and Synthetic Ingredients 

Top-notch feminine wash products, like illum’s Vsoap, avoid the use of harmful synthetic ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate (a skin irritant), parabens (a skin irritant), phthalates (endocrine disruptors), and synthetic fragrances (dries the skin). 

Feel the Cleansing, Soothing Difference with illum 

Illum is a brand that’s passionate about providing women the products they need for optimal vulvo-vaginal care. 

If you seek a feminine wash that goes above and beyond in caring for one of the body’s most sensitive parts, illum’s Vsoap is for you. This foaming feminine wash is not just a powerful cleanser against bad bacteria, it is also packed with botanical extracts and ingredients that will help relieve dryness, itchiness, and inflammation. 

No harmful fragrances, no SLS, and no harmful synthetic chemicals. Ready to experience the illum difference? Then check out our online store for more exciting Vcare products! 

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