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Making the switch from disposable pads tohigh-quality cotton menstrual pads is a lifestyle change that brings a host of advantages. With the right kind of menstrual pads, you can save money, reap multiple health benefits, and (as if all that wasn’t exciting already), you also get to help the environment. 

It is known to many that high-quality cotton menstrual pads are, indeed, a worthy investment. If you want to learn more about the benefits you get from reusable menstrual pads, please check out our article:Are Reusable Cloth Pads Worth the Investment?

If you’re already on your way towards this lifestyle change, we’re definitely cheering you on; however, you may find yourself bedazzled by many options in the market. To help you along your journey, we put together this blog focused on some important questions you should ask yourself when choosing your pad, such as, what material(s) is in it? Is it cotton? What kind of cotton is it?

We’ll highlight this fact now: cotton trumps any other fabric out there! But, regular cotton and organic cotton are vastly different and you’ll undeniably experience more benefits by going with the latter choice. In this blog, we’ll break down the two fabrics and how you can benefit from choosing organic.

Are All Reusable Pads Made of Organic Cotton?

Reusable pads have three main parts in their construction: thetopper (the layer that touches your body),the core (middle, most absorbent layer), and thebacker (the final, usually printed, layer that touches the underwear). 

If you look at various sources, you’ll finda TON of fabric options for each of these parts of a reusable pad. Options include bamboo fleece, zorb, minky, polyester, suedecloth, and more. Without a doubt, not all reusable pads are made of organic cotton, let alone cotton at all. 

Why Are 100% Cotton Menstrual Pads Preferable Over Other Fabrics?

Any fabric that you put into the layers of a menstrual pad affects its breathability and breathability is of utmost importance because it keeps moisture and sweat from building up; hence fewer bacteria and increased freshness. Menstrual pads that are 100% cotton also offer higher absorbency and unparalleled comfort.

At this point, we would like to emphasize the“100%”- it isn’t enough to have a menstrual pad that has some cotton components. Even if the synthetic fabric is placed on the backer part of the pad (or the outermost layer), it can still disrupt your feeling of comfort and freshness. Synthetic fabric can make the pad feel stuffy and moist - and no one should feel any more icky while on their period!

Now that we’ve established that no other fabric beats cotton, and 100% cotton is best for reusable menstrual pads, let’s take a step further and talk about organic cotton. 

What’s the Difference Between Regular and Organic Cotton in Menstrual Pads?

If you’ve been looking for the absolute best material for your next reusable menstrual pads, then 100% organic cotton is exactly what you need. Designed and created with practicality, comfort and environmental concerns top of mind,100% organic cotton menstrual pads have you covered. Here are your top concerns, explained:

1. Farming

The farming process forconventional cotton uses genetically modified seeds. These GMO seeds are designed to be more resistant to pests; but when such pests adapt, harsh pesticides come into the picture. Meanwhile, organic cotton comes from natural seeds and are protected from pests by insects that kill the pests. It’s a far more natural method to keep the pest numbers down and keeps the cotton free of harsh pesticides. 

Furthermore, regular cotton is typically grown, over and over, on the same soil. This process depletes the soil of nutrients and would, later on, lead to unhealthy crops. Meanwhile, organic cotton is rotated regularly to help the soil maintain its level of nutrients. This sustainable practice leads to naturally healthier crops.  

2. Manufacturing

To manufacture regular cotton, large amounts of chemicals (chlorine, heavy metals, and chemical dyes) are used. Even after these substances are washed off from the finished products, the residues still remain and are known to irritate the skin. Meanwhile, organic cotton uses safer alternatives in its manufacturing process - typically peroxide for whitening and natural dyes (if needed). 

3. Purity, Texture, and Lifespan

Regular cotton is in high demand, and as such, are usually machine picked once they are ready to be harvested. Meanwhile, organic cotton is handpicked. When the cotton is handpicked, this yields purer fibres that are not damaged by the process. Due to this, organic cotton tends to have longer, undamaged fibres that are softer and far more durable.

It’s no wonder that even four-year-old 100% organic cotton menstrual pads can still look totally fresh -as shown in this amazing article.


4. Effects on the Bod

We’ve already mentioned pesticides and harsh chemicals used throughout the farming and processing of regular cotton. Pesticides can correlate with variousreproductive problems such as decreased fertility, stillbirth, ovarian disorders, and so on. Meanwhile, the harsh chemicals used for processing regular cotton can irritate the skin and trigger rashes, eczema, and skin allergies. With organic cotton, you get all the goodness of a 100% cotton pad without any chemically-induced negative effects.

5. Environmental Impact

The way that regular cotton is farmed leads to a depletion of the soil’s nutrients. This results in less water that the soil can hold. Therefore, regular cotton needs to be irrigated with far more water than organic cotton. Additionally, the harsh chemicals involved in growing and manufacturing regular cotton is definitely not good for the environment. 

Where Can I Get High Quality, Certified Organic Cotton Menstrual Pads?

Ready to take the next step? The Brand Hannah’s high-quality, certified100% organic cotton pads are made for your comfort by ensuring maximum breathability and absorbency for your period. Additionally, our reusable pads have the softness that is distinctly that of organic cotton ensuring secure, leak-proof, slip-proof, worry-free period protection!

If you’re ready for the best that reusable menstrual pad innovation has to offer,check out our store! We havevarious sizes available for your specific comfort needs.If you have any questions, please contact us through social media - we’d be delighted to hear from you!

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