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Reusable pads can change the way you experience periods for the better. However, to ensure that you get the best absorbency, breathability, comfort, and leak protection, you need to pay close attention to reusable pad sizing as well as what they’re made with. 

Not all manufacturers are completely transparent about the dimensions and materials used in their reusable pads. At illum, a new brand created by the former hannahpad Canada team, we like to be proactively informative about what our reusable pads have to offer.

In this article, we will be talking about our own reusable pad sizes in particular. We will also be detailing the reusable pad measurements and juxtapose these dimensions with average drugstore disposable pads in order to help you form a comparison.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

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Reusable Pad Sizing: Dimensions and Factors To Consider 

Just by looking at the table below, you can see the wide array of reusable pad sizing options available from top-notch makers like illum. Another thing that you may notice is that the reusable pad sizes featured here have more generous dimensions than their disposable pad counterparts. The additional area in our reusable pad sizes allows for greater absorbency and better protection against front, back, and side leaks. 

To jump to usage recommendations about a particular reusable pad size, you can click or tap on each pad size from the table below. 


Reusable Pad Size Absorption Layers Dimensions of the Reusable Pad (W x L) <,=,> Average Equivalent Disposable Pad Size (W x L)
Thong Liner 1 5.3 x 7.3 inches > 5 x 7 inches(disposable thong liners)
Pantyliner 2 6.9 x 8.5 inches > Undetermined width, 7.5 inches in length (disposable pantyliners)
Longliner 3 7 x 10.7 inches > Undetermined width, 8.5 inches in length (disposable longliners)
Regular 4 7 x 10.7 inches > 6 x 9 inches (disposable regular pads)
Large 4 7.3 x 12.2 inches > 7 x 11 inches (disposable overnight pads)
Overnight 5 7.3 x 13.7 inches > 7 x 13 inches (disposable maternity pads)
Overnight Plus 5 7.5 x 16.2 inches > 7 x 13 inches (disposable maternity pads)


1. Thong Liner

 The thong liner is specially designed to be comfortably worn on thongs. It is best suited for light period days, spotting, or just for catching regular daily discharge. However, illum’s thong liner can also be used as backup on days of heavier menstrual bleeding when you prefer to wear a thong. On these days we recommend that you also wear a menstrual cup because it does not have the same absorbency as the reusable pad sizes intended for heavy bleeding. 

2. Pantyliner and Longliner 

The pantyliner is great for everyday use and catching daily discharge. It can also be used during days of light menstruation and htspotting. Similar to the thong liner, this reusable pad size can also be used as a backup for heavy menstruation if paired with a menstrual cup. 

Meanwhile, the uses of the longliner are the same as that of a pantyliner because it is essentially a pantyliner but with extended coverage. 

3. Regular Pad 

The regular pad is one of our most popular reusable pad sizes of choice because it provides reliable protection for light to medium flows.

4. Large Pad 

The large pad has extended coverage and enhanced absorbency for women who experience heavier bleeding during their periods. For individuals who have a lighter flow but need extended coverage while they sleep, the large pad is a more suitable choice due to the enhanced protection it gives. 

5. Overnight Pad 

With an illum overnight pad, you will never have to worry about period leaks while you sleep again. The overnight pad provides complete coverage while you sleep and stays flat on your underwear. Furthermore, the material is soft and breathable. It adjusts to your sleeping position while also providing great comfort. 

6. Overnight Plus Pad 

The overnight plus reusable pad size is a step up from the overnight pad for anyone who needs added coverage. And because it has the highest absorbency among all these pad sizes, it is the best choice for postpartum periods. 

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Reusable Pad Materials 

Choosing the right reusable pad materials is just as important as having the right size of reusable pads. 

The material of the pad determines how absorbent it is and how comfortable it will be for wearing. Though you may see various options that make use of microfiber, jersey, minky, cotton blends and so on, keep in mind that these are synthetic (or partially synthetic) fabrics. As such, they are not as breathable or as comfortable as fabrics like organic cotton or premium bamboo

Organic Cotton 

Cotton has long been known as one of the best fabrics for reusable menstrual pads because of its high absorption capacities and its breathability. 100% organic cotton takes it a notch higher. Compared to ordinary cotton, organic cotton is far softer and has greater durability. Furthermore, 100% organic cotton is free from residues of harmful pesticides that can have adverse health effects.  

Premium Bamboo 

Bamboo reusable pads are made of organic plant fibres, and because of this, they also give superior comfort and breathability. In fact, premium bamboo is even more breathable than cotton. They also offer a high absorption capacity – albeit not as high as that of organic cotton. 

Premium bamboo is also one of the most sustainable materials on the planet and is the best hypoallergenic choice for individuals with allergic sensitivity to cotton.

Accessibility For All Body Shapes and Sizes With illum 

 In this guide, we talked about reusable pad sizing as well as the best materials of reusable pads for you to choose from, however, this is just the beginning! illum pads have plenty more to give.

Our pads have the optimal number of absorbency layers for the recommended usage of each pad size. This means that you don’t just get larger pads, you also get more layers that can be seamlessly worn due to the softness and flexibility of the materials used. Moreover, illum pads are made with secure snaps that keep the pads in place along with a waterproof coating that does not interfere with breathability and comfort. 

Are you ready for ultimate comfort? Shop our reusable pads in our online store and revamp how you experience periods altogether! 

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