September 29, 2021 2 min read

Self-care helps you build a great relationship with yourself and empowers you to live a fulfilling life. It becomes even more important during times of pain or discomfort on any level – such as when you’re having a bad period.

Try these self-care tips for women who are experiencing a particularly bad period and get ready to feel the difference! Your physical and mental health will thank you. 

7 Self-Care Tips for Bad Periods- infographic

1. Track Your Period & Be Ready 

By having a period tracking app, you can prepare for your menstruation. Knowing the timeframe of when your period will start gives you a chance to ready your supplies like reusable pads, feminine wash, painkillers, healthy snacks, and heating pad. 

2. Eat Right 

Mood swings and bloating are common symptoms experienced during a bad period. Eating right is one of the top self-care tips for women as it can help ease these symptoms. Here are some food items to add to your grocery cart!

  • Fish and poultry
  • Fruits and leafy greens
  • Nuts
  • Dark chocolate  

3. Get Quality Sleep 

When you’re having a bad period, the pain, the mood swings, and everything else can make it hard to fall asleep. Therefore, take extra measures to get quality slumber. Establishing a calm bedtime routine, like playing relaxing sounds, drinking chamomile tea, and meditating might just do the trick! 

4. Do Light Exercises 

Light exercises will not only help your body produce more endorphins, but it will also ease period cramps. It’s definitely one of the most important self-care tips for women to keep in mind. 

5. Use Heat Therapy 

Heat therapy can do wonders for period cramps, whether it’s done through a hot bath or with heating pads. Either way, it’s super relaxing. 

6. Pamper Yourself 

Sometimes, bad periods and bad days go hand-in-hand – so take some time to pamper yourself. Watch a funny show, whip up a yummy healthy snack, or use that bath bomb you’ve been saving. Just go ahead and treat yourself. 

7. Set a Self-Care Reminder 

Self-care is easy to forget in the face of PMS or even PMDD. Why not give yourself a reminder? You can print out this infographic and place it where you can quickly spot it.  

You deserve love and care, don’t ever forget that. ❤️ 

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