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March 17, 2021 5 min read

"INFO: The team previously at hannahpad Canada launched their own new brand, illum! These blog posts have been written when we used to run hannahpad Canada. All information is still relevant and everything is the same! We simply changed the brand that we offer. :slightly_smiling_face: "


Travelling is a way of life for a lot of people – it can broaden your perspective, educate you on different cultures, or can be a relaxing way to use up vacation time! 

Unfortunately, travel is not always sunshine and rainbows. For a lot of women, travelling while on your period can be daunting. Concerns like packing enoughtampons, forgetting birth control, and wondering if your destination has the right products you feel comfortable using are very real. To combat these concerns, equipping yourself with a reusable option likeorganic cotton reusable pads is an environmentally friendly way to be safe while not taking up a lot of space in your bag! 

In this guide, we’ve put together everything you need to know about travelling with reusable pads. Let’s get started!

A woman dragging a travel bag while on a trip

The Benefits of Travelling with Reusable Pads

If you’re still deciding between travelling with reusable pads or sticking with disposable options, then this section will shed light on the exciting benefits that you can look forward to!

You Will Get Comfort When It Counts the Most

For whatever reason you are travelling, let’s face it; the journey or parts of the journey can pose a degree of discomfort. You may be in transit for long periods of time and depending on how seasoned of a traveller you are, the comfort you find in accommodations may not match the comfort of your own home. 

While travelling is about stepping out of your comfort zone – which can be fun and beautiful – what’snot fun is if you also have an uncomfortable period during this time. By making the switch to reusable pads, you’ll know firsthand that there is a stark difference between the feel of using reusable pads and that of disposable pads.

Organic cotton reusable pads are far more breathable, soft to the skin, flexible to your movement, and to top it all off, they stay drier throughout the day. Keep your reusable pads close by as you travel and you will have comfort during your period, right when you need it the most.   

Better Leak Protection For Long Trips and For Sleeping

You need top-notch leak protection whether you are travelling or not, however, you would definitely need itmore when you are travelling. 

For the times when you need to be seated for a long time or don’t have immediate access to a bathroom, having protection from leaks is key. For your peace of mind, usingorganic cotton reusable pads that have the flexibility, staying-on power, and high absorbency is essential in order to protect you fully. 

Additionally, travelling with reusable pads may help you sleep better. With full leak protection fromreusable cotton pads, you get to sleep in the most comfortable sleeping position for you. The best part is it’s absolutely worry-free. Your organic cotton pads have you covered! 

You Can Avoid Harmful Chemicals from Disposable Pads

Some travellers may be tempted to momentarily switch to disposable pads while travelling because it seems like a more convenient option – but it’s important to keep in mind why disposable pads aren’t a body-friendly option, no matter if you’re travelling or not. 

By using disposable pads you’re exposing your skin to irritating chemicals which can cause various skin irritations. These skin irritations can last for days after the period. This is something you definitely do not want to experience while travelling. 

The Challenges of Travelling with Reusable Pads

Washing and Drying Your Pads

If you’re travelling with reusable pads for an extended period of time, they would need to be washed at some point. You would then need to have the facilities to wash and dry your pads which we will talk more about in alater section.

Washing reusable pads takes time – whether you choose to wash them by hand, in an available washing machine, or at a self-service laundry. Some of these options may be less time-consuming, however, if you have a busy itinerary, finding the time may be a bit of a challenge. 

Helpful Tips When Travelling with Reusable Pads 

Have you decided to take your reusable pads along with you on your trip? That’s awesome! Here are more tips for you to have an even better experience while travelling with reusable pads. 

Woman sitting on a train

1. Plan for Lengthy Trips

Organic cotton reusable menstrual pads come in many sizes. If you will undergo long hours of sitting on your period and you are extra worried about leaks, then we recommend packing Large organic reusable menstrual pads or the Overnight reusable menstrual pad. These pads span for13 inches and14.5 inches respectively, giving full coverage for anyone travelling far distances during peak period days. The quicker absorbency also helps to keep unwanted leaks at bay!

2. Have Enough Pads on-the-Go

While travelling, it can be difficult to deal with an unexpected first day of menstruation. If you are out and about when this happens, you may find yourself having accidentally forgotten to take a reusable pad out of your luggage and into your bag. Alternatively, you can just carry a pad with you at all times for good measure. 

When packing, you would want to make sure that you haveenough pads. If you have a busy schedule for your trip and don’t have time for mid-period laundry, make sure to have enough pads for the entire duration of your trip.

3. Plan How You Will Wash Your Reusable Pads

If you will be going on a short trip (four days or less), you may opt not to wash your reusable pads and just keep them in a wet bag until you arrive home. But if you are going on an extended trip where you will need to wash your reusable pads mid-period, then you definitely need to plan for how you will wash your reusable pads. 

Reusable pads can be tossed into the washing machine along with other clothes or you can hand wash them. For more details on the steps, please refer to our infographic about cotton reusable padcare instructions

4. Remember to Pack a Good Wet Bag

Invest in a good wet bag or two for your reusable pads. One can be used to store the pads that need washing and the other to carry along with you in case you need to change pads in the middle of the day. 

Worry-Free Comfortable Periods While You Travel

Now you know all you need to know about travelling with reusable pads. Are you thinking of switching to cloth pads? 

Our organic cotton reusable pads are designed to provide utmost comfort, fresh breathability, and maximum leak protection whether you are travelling or not. If you’re looking to stock up on quality reusable pads to bring with you, thencheck out our store for exciting options!

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