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If you’re looking for a sure-fire way to make people feel uncomfortable, you should start talking about periods

Yes, that time of the month

Thanks to the stigma surrounding periods, people have grown accustomed to the stereotypical notion that menstruation is a taboo topic, rather than shining a light on the importance of period education. It’s this very stigma that makes girls afraid to ask questions about this essential part of their lives. 

While periods might not be the most glamorous of concepts (yes, they’re messy and painful), we’re glad that there are multiple body positive influencers stepping up to break the silence. 

It’s refreshing to see people fearlessly speaking up loud and clear about menstruation, pads, tampons, menstrual cups, PCOS, and all the other topics relating to women’s health that have only been whispered, so far. 

These brave body positivity activists are breaking the stigma and encouraging more people to converse openly about menstruation. Are you ready to find your flow? Here are 10 body positive influencers that you should be following right now!

A period cup with a pink flower in it


1. Meg Boggs | @meg.boggs 


Meg Boggs is a powerful athlete, advocate, creator, and mother who leads a following of 431,000 people. She captivates them with her candid and unfiltered posts about family, health, weight, workouts, menstruation, and self-love. Her body might not match society’s strict standards (who says everyone needs to be stick-skinny anyway?), but Meg Boggs just turns the criticism of haters into fuel to clap back. 

Her biggest impact is made when she reminds people to say “thank you” to their bodies rather than drowning it in negative self-talk. 

2. Kelly U | @_kellyu  



If you want to see a ray of sunshine pass through your IG feed everyday, then you have to tap the “follow” button on Kelly U’s account. This charming body positive influencer is unfazed by the imperfections that we are all born with, and she proves it by happily sharing filter-free photos that flaunt her flaws and accentuate her beauty. 

One of her most fearless and valuable posts revolves around the menstrual cup that helps reduce single use plastic and prevents nasty leaks from getting on your clean bed sheets and pyjamas while you sleep. It’s body positivity and environmental activism all in one! 

3. Nicole Zajac | @nicolezaajac 



Rejecting societal standards can be done with humour and sass, and that’s exactly what this queen of body positive influencers does with her online presence. Never not in a bikini,  form-fitting athletic wear, or birthday suit, Nicole Zajac wants you to know that you should be yourself and love yourself while you’re at it. 

This bold and adventurous social media influencer tackles everything from weight and periods (she’s also a Diva Cup enthusiast) all the way to body hair and cellulite. Follow her to discover how she blogs about her colourful lifestyle. 

4. Kenzie Brenna | @kenziebrenna 



Valuing intelligence and bravery over physical beauty is Kenzie Brenna’s forte. Aside from promoting tampons for heavier flows, this girl also tackles the idea of peer pressure. A great example is her post about forcing people into drinking alcohol. No means no and it’s not cool if you pressure someone into doing something they aren’t comfortable with. 

Another reason why we love her is the fact that she frequently interacts with her followers, offering them opportunities to connect and support each other through the power of the internet. This go-getter is one of the most fantastic body positive influencers out there!

5. Shan Boodram | @shanboody 



This certified intimacy educator’s Instagram account is perfect for those who aren’t afraid to talk about daunting topics. The body positive activist goes the extra mile to create content for people who want to dive a little further into the wonders and overall education regarding reproductive health.

Shan Boodram is a fierce female who describes herself as someone who encourages others to be more competent and confident; kind of like Dr. Ruth meets Rihanna. If this piques your interest, you know where to follow her! 

6. Kenny Ethan Jones | @kennyethanjones 



Kenny Ethan Jones is a writer, advocate, and consultant who proudly tackles a kaleidoscope of societal issues. This empowering transman is blazing a trail of gender equality, body positivity, anti-racism, and you guessed it; period positivity! Moreover, he’s using online platforms to show that differences can be beautiful. 

The inclusivity he promotes is immensely impactful, so you won’t regret following him!

7. Nadya Okamoto | @nadyaokamoto 



Drop whatever it is you’re doing, because Nadya Okamoto is a body positive influencer who simply demands attention! As the founder of @periodmovement, this beautiful human being speaks volumes about ending the period stigma and other social issues like putting a stop to poverty. 

You’ll surely find yourself going on a double-tapping spree once you hit that “follow” button!

8. Lee Tilghman | @leefromamerica 



For those who enjoy a wholesome feed dipped in aesthetically pleasing pastels, you will find value in following Lee Tilghman as she spreads body positive inspiration. 

Her Instagram feed is the paragon of ASMR for the eyes, as it frequently features serene picnics at golden hour, gossamer household interior, adorable pets, adventurous travels, book recommendations, and food that will bring out your inner chef. 

Most importantly, she’s also a leader among body positive influencers who agree that open conversations about bikini line hair and periods should be normalized. She’s a girl worth following!

9. Ev’Yan Whitney | @evyan.whitney 



With their 116,000 following on Instagram, they are among the body positive activists who stand out from the crowd by sharing advice and quirky content on a myriad of topics.

When they aren’t posting IG-worthy pictures online, you can find them hosting their podcast, @sensual.self, or promoting their brand new book,Sensual Self. Ev’Yan Whitney knows that words are powerful, and they use them to make a positive change in people’s perspective on periods, sexuality, and equality.

10. Alisa Vitti | @alissa.vitti 



It’s no secret that there’s a huge gap in menstruation education at schools, so for those who need a little extra knowledge or some tips on women’s health, Alisa Vitti is your girl who creates body positive Instagram content! 

As a professional who founded and penned @floliving,, WomanCode,In the Flo, and “The Cycle Syncing Method”, you can trust that this body positive influencer knows what she’s talking about! 

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Body Positivity for Fearless Females 

Being body and period positive is more than just bluntly posting menstruation-related content on social media. It’s more about catalyzing a conversation that eliminates the stigma, offers health and hygiene tips to women, and connects with people on an emotional level— and these body positive influencers achieve all of this flawlessly. 

We all know that periods can feel inconvenient and messy. Experiencing a more comfortable cycle is possible when you use the right feminine hygiene products that keep you feeling clean and secure.

Browse Illum’s extensive collection of period products that will make you feel confident throughout your cycle. Made with healthy, non-toxic, and high quality materials you can experience better periods every month!

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