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August 18, 2021 4 min read

Period underwear is nothing like period dramas. Actually, it is quite the opposite! While a period drama is a reenactment of something from a historical time, period underwear is a product that represents innovation and forward-thinking in recent times. 

In 1967, a patent for the “protective petticoat” was first issued. At that turning point, it became clear that people who menstruate need and deserve more comfort and security while on their period. Since then, numerous versions of period underwear have been made and redesigned. In this article, we talk about leak-proof period underwear, its parts, and how it works. 

Let’s begin!   

The Many Shapes and Forms of Period Underwear Today 

We’ve come a long way since protective petticoats. Because different people require varying levels of protection to fit their specific body shape and size, innovations in period underwear have evolved to meet those needs.

Some period underwear are designed to look just like ordinary panties or thongs. For those who desire more protection, leak-proof underwear in the form of boy shorts are also available. Though they come in different shapes, one thing unites all period underwear: they all give protection against leaks during red days. However, it's the degree of protection that varies for each type. 

A sitting woman holding a heart over the vaginal area to signify vaginal health

How Leak-Proof Underwear Is Used

1. As a Replacement for All Period Products 

This ties back to the varying degrees of protection that period underwear can give. Some period undies are designed to be used alone. Just slip them on and that’s it!

However, this does not always apply to all, considering that some people have heavier flows than others. So, period underwear that can be used on its own for one person may not be enough for another.  

2. Alongside Other Period Products 

On the other hand, some period underwear are designed to give added protection along with another period product. These panties are usually capable of light absorption and are meant to be used with pads, menstrual cups, or other period products of your choice.  

Some, like illum’s leak-proof underwear, even have provisions for the use of other period products. These undies have a patent-pending tunnel design that holds pad wings in place while also concealing the wings from underneath. This allows you to just wear the boy short undies without worrying about wings showing or becoming undone due to friction.  

Why Leak-Proof Underwear is Gaining Popularity 

Comfort & Security 

Whether period undies are used alone or with other products, the comfort and security of having absorbent layers is there. This is a level of comfort and security that traditional underwear is not able to provide. 


Most period panties are reusable. This means that high-quality ones, like illum’s leak-proof underwear, can be used for well over 3 years. This prevents tons and tons of disposable period products from ending up in landfills and oceans. 

Health Benefits 

In one way or another, leak-proof undies allow many people to forego or lessen the use of disposable period products. These disposable products often contain irritating, carcinogenic, or toxic materials that can cause rashes, endocrine imbalance, and so on. Tampons, in particular, are even known for causing the infamous toxic shock syndrome

a woman holding a menstrual cup and wearing period underwear

The Anatomy of Leak-Proof Underwear & Their Functions 

The Non-Absorbent Layers 

The sole job of period underwear’s non-absorbent layers is to keep the period undies comfortably and securely on your body. 

Loose underwear cannot give adequate leak protection because the blood can slip out through the gaps. That’s why the best period undies have a percentage of spandex to give that needed elasticity. Take note that it should only be a percentage of the total composition because spandex isn’t breathable enough to be used alone or predominantly.  

Ultimately, your leak-proof underwear needs to be made of breathable materials like cotton or bamboo so that you can comfortably wear them all day long, no matter what climate you’re in. 

The Built-in Absorbent Layers 

All period panties have absorbent layers, but these layers vary depending on the product. 

For period underwear meant to stand alone, (without other period products), these absorbent layers tend to be thicker. Though there’s a lot that can be said about the convenience of these standalone period underwear, the number of layers and the area of the thicker fabric can be uncomfortable for some people.

Provision for Pads 

Standalone period panties are not everyone’s cup of tea because they can feel bulky and stuffy. The blood also tends to spread around the entire absorbent area, a sensation that some don’t like.  

For those who want more control over how thick and how large the absorbent layer is, they can simply attach pads.

This is how illum’s leak-proof underwear works. Its absorbent layer is thick enough to be a second line of defense from leaks, without being uncomfortable. You can then attach the pad of your choice on the built-in fabric tunnel. The pad will then be in direct contact with your body while the underwear holds it securely in place. No twisting, warping, or leaking whether you stand, sit, or sleep. 

Closeup of illum’s leak-proof underwear’s patent-pending tunnel design

Trust in Illum’s Leak-Proof Underwear

Cramps, mood swings, digestion issues, and more. There is enough going on during a person’s period; and leaks should NOT be on the worry list anymore. We believe in a future where people who menstruate can…

  • Sleep in any position they like
  • Go on long train and bus rides without having to constantly check for leaks
  • Have full focus during advanced yoga
  • Fearlessly wear white bottoms
  • And ultimately not be slowed down because of your period!

If you’re looking for period underwear that will give you top-notch security, comfort, and freedom, then illum’s leak-proof underwear are the perfect fit. And we’re not just talking about our body-friendly design and sizes!

Illum’s leak-proof underwear offers superior leak protection for every stage of your period. When used with any kind of pad (both reusable pads and disposable ones), our patent pending tunnel design will hold the wings in place and hide them out of sight; this is something no other underwear on the market can do. 

So, what are you waiting for? For a limited time we’re offering FREE SHIPPING with any period underwear order! Check out our store to view the collection.

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